Virtueller Kokedama Workshop (inkl. Material)

€42,00 inkl. MwSt. und versandkostenfrei innerhalb Deutschlands
Lieferzeit: 2-3 Werktage | Gutscheine sofort
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In these uncertain times, anxiety can get the very best of us. So we'll keep doing what we do best - helping you bring the outdoors in and guide you through an online plant workshop. So get your hands dirty while stuck at home.

In this workshop, you will make your own Kokedama. Never heard of a Kokedama before? It’s a Japanese plant design, also known as a “poor man’s bonsai.”

Kokedamas are made by transferring the plant out of its pot and into a ball of soil held together by moss and string. We will use coconut fiber instead of moss. Why you might ask? You’ll find out in the workshop!

This workshop will give you an opportunity to learn a new skill set and to connect with nature in a creative way. It will be a both playful and relaxing experience. Not only do Kokedamas look amazing, they also make for a great gift and are really low maintenance.

You will finish the workshop with a brand new skill set and your own handmade Kokedama. No experience or green thumbs needed.

All the material you need to craft two kokedama will be sent to you via DHL GoGreen before the workshop.
We will choose two different succulents for you.
Besides a device with internet connection and a camera/microphone (laptop, tablet, etc.), you only need to provide your own apron, a midsize bucket, a can of rain (or tap) water, a pair of scissors, an old kitchen towel and some newspaper to protect your table.

If you would like to hang or stand your kokedama, we additionally offer brass rods, two hooks with a nylon cord and a brass ring.

Before the date we will supply you with additional information about how to get everything setup for the session.

Let’s grow together!